To the woman i adore,
Your heart i cant ignore,
Why is your heart hiding behind the door,
My heart is knocking on your door,
Because my heart needs you at the door,
So please dont ignore,
My heart knocking on your door,
My heart cant ignore,
That it needs to explore,
Your heart on the otherside of the door,
So please open the door,
Because my is heart knocking at your door,
So our hearts are not on oppisite sides of the door,
Now our hearts on the same side of door,
I will never need to knock on your door,
Colin Bradley

  • Author: colin (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2013 16:45
  • Category: Love
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  • baj-a

    knock knock...who's there? colins heart :-). lol...very sweet write. she must be one very special woman.

    • colin

      Thankyou Baj-a it's the past

    • sokibgb

      Sweet. Love will come knocking when least expect it. You'll fall hard that's when you really have to worry, for when you fall you might knock your head on the door, soki

      • colin

        LOL Thankyou Soki funny comment

      • diamonddagger

        I read this more as a song than a poem. I could almost hear the music behind it. The repetition of the word door made it seem lyrical. very sweet poem.

        • colin

          Thankyou Diamond I do have a habit of repetition

        • Soumita Sarkar

          repetition..though it evokes a pain of a lovelorn heart............can you read my poems??Thanks

          • colin


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