Companions thru the ages

leaping from star to star

While traveling alone

yet never far apart


Together and discovering

new futures everywhere

They've learned from their  pain

the secret is to care


While meeting one another

Old lessons they re-learn

Old promises fulfilled

Together they've returned


Companions thru the ages

seeking each other out

They go from world to world

In pain but yet unbowed


They are certain, without asking

the search will end, one day

Companions thru the ages

different but the same


  • bigwolf

    Traveling the world together, jumping from star to star, what a sight that must be.

    • sokibgb

      And fun too, discovering new worlds, new peoplenew things and never getting bored. Wonderful!

    • colin

      Beautifull Soki yes Ive had that feeling numorouse times even sometimes on the internet

      • sokibgb

        Welcome to the club of "I think I know this person, but from where or when" even on the internet.

      • diamonddagger

        Yes, I know that feeling...very well written poem. I enjoyed every word.

        • sokibgb

          diamond, I am so glad you liked my poem and enjoyed it, I also enjoy and appreciate your visit to my space and the pretty comments you write, soki

        • baj-a

          beautiful in a mystical sort of way... I love that last verse! well done!

          • sokibgb

            It is a little mystical is it not? But you picked my favorite verse as your favorite and I thank you very much, soki

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