The Last Pickle in the Jar





Look at that,
the last pickle in the jar,
resting on the bottom,
out of reach of my fingers.

I tilt the jar to the side,
to almost,
turning it up side down,
it slides within reach.

Fishing it out,
with my thumb
and index finger…
I take a bite,
of dill pickle.

Now it has me,
about another time,
seems long ago
and then like yesterday.

When I was a child,
I could reach right in,
with an unwashed hand
and fetch that pickle,
right off the bottom.

Would smack it,
right in my mouth,
giving it a quick bite,
wiping juice from my lips,
with the back of my hand.

I wonder,
about that time,
so long ago,
then like yesterday;
I wonder,
if Dill Pickles,
were sweeter then.


© James W. McRight Jr.  2001

  • Author: BrokenWordsPoet (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 23rd, 2013 09:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: Being at the age where I look at children doing and saying the darnedest things, reminds me too, that once I was a child and a poem like this can be related to by old fossils like me; with a smile.
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  • sokibgb

    I did the same thing as a child and can relate toyour poem as well.
    Thanks for sharing, soki

  • diamonddagger

    Very nostalgic and sweet (or should I say dill) poem. I enjoyed it very much.

  • baj-a

    lol! left me with a smile! yep! we were all young once and this poem took me back to some of the simpler things of 'those good old days :-)'

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