Have You Heard About Jenny Lee?

Have You Heard About Jenny Lee?


I just stopped by to ask

if you’d heard about Jenny lee?

I heard it from the grocer

who said a neighbor told her it was true!

The neighborhood is all a buzz

so I wondered if you’d heard.

The rumors are flying

from tongue to gossipy tongue

they can’t wait to spread the dirt

don’t care where it came from.

Everyone’s in a frenzy

to say they were the first to know

but what the stories are all about

no one is really quite clear.

The rumor mill is alive and well

the nosy parkers all had their say

I think I’ll go ask Jenny Lee

if what they say is true.

After all they’ve had their fun

felt superior and without sin

as they spread falsehoods and lies

to try to do her in.

Let’s go see Jenny Lee

let their mean tongues wag

smile sweetly as they ask

have you heard about Jenny Lee?


  • sokibgb

    I have not heard about Jenny Lee yet. But I'm sure I will soon, from my neighbor who all the rest of us call CNN (not kidding she thinks she knows everything even before it happens)

  • diamonddagger

    I got a real charge out of this poem. Don't we all know about that vicious grapevine that spreads the gossip as it grows and grows till no one knows the truth... well written!!!!

  • Spirit_Of_Freedom

    Well addressed ba-ja! A gentle reminder to everyone. Good poem baj-a 🙂

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