Along The Beach

I watched the last rays of the setting sun

Soon begin to disappear over the horizon

The evening sky becoming decorated

With many beautiful shades of colors

As the waves washed upon the sand

And we walked down the beach in the moonlight


  • sokibgb

    One of my favorite things to do walking along the beach until the moon comes out. Thanks for sharing.

  • bigwolf

    I prefer the mountains but I do like walking along the beach.

  • diamonddagger

    I also prefer the mountains but this is a lovely poem. I love the imagery. I was right there in the moonlight with you walking on the beach. Great job. diamond

    • bigwolf

      who knows who I will meet there

    • sokibgb

      I love both and at the same time. That's why I love tropical islands so much. I get to be up in the mountains while looking at the sea all at the same time Heaven!

    • bigwolf

      Thank you soki, I am not too crazy about being on an island.

    • baj-a

      Having grown up on the shores of Lake Erie I felt this poem in my heart. I used to love walks along the shore and the evening walks were magical with the setting sun. Beautiful poem!

      • bigwolf

        Thank you baj-a, I hope this poem has evoked some fond memories for you.

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