I went to the park to see

a new singer I knew well

While I was there his songs

broke my heart with all his words

He sang and sang and I listened

and smiled at him all the while

hiding my pain from his eyes

My heart burning with desire

I used to be by his side

watching while he wrote his songs

but that's all over, you see

Music stole my Lover's soul




  • diamonddagger

    This had such a sad twist in the end. I loved it. I could picture the whole scene as if I were right there.

    • sokibgb

      Diamond, I love you LOL your comments always make my days so much brighter. Hve yourself a day full os sunshine just like the ones you give me, soki

    • baj-a

      the last lines took my breath away... music stole my lovers soul... truly and inspired line!

      • sokibgb

        baj-a you are my other little ray of sunshine. Just like Diamond You bring me happijess with your comments and for that I thank you very much,soki

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