A Poet's Web


How they spin their webs

Like an intricate spider web

Catching each unsuspecting reader

In the silken lines of such tales


Seducing us with their trance

Surrounding us with some fine threads

In viting us into a written show

As we dine on words we have read

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  • baj-a

    I do love the imagery you have created... of what a tangled web we weave :-)... sorry that just popped into my head. but yes, we do spin stories to captivate and intrigue as we put our words out there to capture an audience.

    • bigwolf

      Thank you baj-a, I think every artist does this at some point.

    • sokibgb

      I think you did just that with this poem, seduced me, with your words.

      • bigwolf

        It is easier to catch honeys with words rather than vinegar.
        Unless you get a hold of a pickle freak.

        • sokibgb

          Whisper bigwolf, you don't want all the pickle freaks out there to hear you. They might turn you into a pickled wolf.

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