And The Band Played On

I saw her again tonight
Her purple dress swirled
Twirled as the music played
Where she came from no one knows
She swayed to the tune that
The band played on
All eyes were on her as she danced alone
Her lies were hidden and
No one knew
The flaming tales in which she flew
Across the roof tops and into the sky
Why because she was the witch
In the purple dress who liked to dance
Like a mystery at wild bands in the city
But if you asked her she would lie
And say she was a nurse or a prostitute
Her secret was her own
Full blown and soulfully found
So I saw her again
Doing what she loved best
Dressed in her purple dress
That twirled and swirled
As she dance in the city to the bands


  • baj-a

    I felt a little breathless as I read this poem :-). What a wonderfully inspired dance!

  • sokibgb

    I loved your poem and music and dance. If you so another woman wearing a red dress there, then it was probably me, soki

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