Gray skies and dark clouds gathering before the storm

that's coming soon, I see it now and can feel it in my bones

The leaves fall and disappear, running away from the wind

Thunder roars and lighting strikes, suddenly the world grows still 

The rain falls with blinding fury, beating hard upon the roof

My heart stops with unknown fear, trembling deep within its womb

It grows cold the silence whispers I'm all alone in my bed

Suddenly with eyes wide open I see the tears I have shed

There was no storm! The sun is shining  It's then that I realized

The raging storm was a bad dream, caused by the pain in my heart












































  • Author: Soki (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 28th, 2013 07:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: Sometimes still waters run deep and sometimes when they surface you can see the storm within. Blessings, soki
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  • diamonddagger

    Soki, I love your little twists at the end of your poems. I was all set for a raging storm and it was your poor breaking heart. I hope it is just a poem and not a real broken heart. I sometimes put myself into terrible situations just to get a poem. LOL. Have a happy day. You are a great writer. I'm glad you enjoy my writing too. diamond

    • sokibgb

      I know exactly what you mean but at least you get a poem LOL
      Thank you Diamond for your kind words. I really do enjoy your writing.
      Happy day to you and also and a happy night. soki

    • baj-a

      Your poem took me back to nights when as a young person I would lie in my bed at night and listen to the storm - the thunder, lightning, rain on the roof and I felt safe within the womb of the storm. The end was a beautiful transition from a storm outside to the actual storm inside you and your tears the rain. Beautifully done.

      • sokibgb

        I am glad you liked it. I too remember the storms and living in Florida W get them quite often. soki

      • bigwolf

        Such a sad and emotional write.

        • sokibgb

          A lot of my poems are emotional my feelings always show thru, Thank you for reading and commenting, soki

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