My Report

I stand medicated yet firm in my statement,
These ideas become adjacent
Numerous problems I engage with
My hands find my hair Grip, Pull, Twist
So I throw on some smooth issshhh
Like Poetry over Heaven’s Melody
Sounds like seduction when I’m fussing
This music soothes my soul
When my belly’s filled with the Devil’s Pie
This music makes me whole
When there’s something missing deep down inside
When I get vexed I get down to ride,
Metamorphosis, in a moment’s time
Fear becomes a myth and death only by suicide
This comma, this dream, my life what does it mean?
In my time I’ve seen treacherous things
Scarred for life like your eyes were bleeding
Numb to the pain, but never blinded by what I see
Night terrors in the day, all that’s left is it to pray
Sometimes I seem to lose my way
Equilibriums shot what could it be?
They shot MLK and JFK, have they shot me?
I’ll cut off my hands, before a chip cuts off my soul.
Defecated times of my life, but I was born with goals
So I have to get this shit right, tonight
All have sinned, and fall short
So a few lines of courage I’ll snort
Sit here with my wine, and write this report
From personal experience, statistics, and public opinion
The world has become susceptible, and subdued by evil influence
To scared, squeamish, and sick in the head
To have the courage to say what needs to be said
They’ll regret it when they’re dead.


  • baj-a

    wow! dark and filled with harsh realities and well written! I especially love the line 'Like Poetry over Heaven’s Melody' ... that is a definite wow line 🙂

  • JayPoetry

    Thank, you it was just one of those days for the truth to be told.

  • sokibgb

    Music soothes my soul and makes me whole too Jay but not giving in to wine or giving up makes me strong. BE whole be strong and keep on telling the truth like you do beautifully and with no regrets, soki

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