There lives a man,

Who forgets where his house is,
Due to new buildings and houses,
Which were built near his house.
He made a mark on nearby banyan trees,
To make sure he reaches home.
But those trees were cut down,
And instead there was a park!
He told his neighbours to watch out for him,
But the neighbours shifted their house!
He told the nearby shop keeper,
To keep an eye on him,
But instead of his shop,
Now there’s a huge mall.

Now this man’s so lost,

He can’t find his home,
Somebody help him,
or he would have to check

every house in his colony!

  • Author: SUDARSHAN (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 29th, 2013 20:51
  • Category: Children
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  • diamonddagger

    isn't that the way of things these days. Very nice children's poem! I enjoyed it very much.

  • baj-a

    the funny thing is that has happened to me too many times and not because of being old... I was much younger and would get lost in my thoughts and would be blocks past my home before I realized it. Once while going to visit my sister I walked into her in-laws house by mistake (they lived right next door)... in school there were doors at the end of this one hallway and the first time the doors were closed I was totally lost because it looked different. yes, minor changes can make things look so different you don't where you are :-). i'll bet the children can help him find his way home :-). fun read.

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