New Age Philosophy


Philosophers have out grown philosophy 
So they set down their motions of peace 
And pick up the mixtapes and cds 
Of the artist that speak the truth 
Tho, truthfully I believe, 
Real artist can never become mainstream 
Ideals of the underground 
Shake the balance of the things 
We watch on tv, Subliminal messages 
and suggestive themes 
I confess that I once was meshed 
With the things they wanted me to be 
Silent to world I had a voice but could not speak
Nothing special just a nigga from the streets 
Had a lot of brains but lacked hope 
So I became I refuge of anger and violence 
A menace to society, 
My hands seemed to find everything I need 
My hope was stolen, So I stole whatever could fit in my jeans. 
Misguided by the bad influence
As I grew I broke hold of the influence 
Tho, still lived my life under the influence Sleepless nights, emotionless days 
So I concocted a formula To make the pain go away 
Let go of my anger Locked up my rage 
Educated myself On matters of the new age 
I found that’s nothing’s new 
Besides the technology We’ve grown accustom to
People sale their souls 
To get their face on the news 
The media grabs their tongues Insolent fools, 
Voices are silenced Or set to hide 
When what they say Is what’s on their mind 
The truth, Whispered to blind eyes 
Now mentally I’m the Voltaire of this century
Learn your history I shall enlighten the

  • Author: JayPoetry (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 30th, 2013 12:44
  • Category: Reflection
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  • baj-a

    sometimes the harsh realities of life make the best poems because they are that real and that meaningful. this is one of those poems. what happened to the last line though... it seems to end without an end 🙂

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