Her Eyes

Robert Starkey 1-29-13 Her Eyes I saw something in you, behind what most cowards title slithering pests, what the ruler of the sea failed to recognize. I took your gaze and went cold. The cold brought me out of Hades flames from his comfy, cozy dripping with melting brimstone, underworld. My mind is its own hell but you saved me. I am confined to a body of woven rubble. But I would much rather embrace your company, in your lair, where no mortal dare enters. But you are not so sundering to the pebble that is now my pupil that weeps for you, in how the Gods confined you to your own body of stone. Sure you can scale throughout your lair but like all that you gaze upon we share that we are all bound to one place for eternity. I know I’m not conscious, but one can only speak from the subconscious mind letting you know that I went with a smile. Guard your lair, be its keeper and when you get hungry, let’s order Greek food.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very different style than I am accustomed from you. That said, is it your new hand as it were? Lovely and deliciously laden with fascinating, potent imagery. I love the humor in the final sentence, as if you could ransom her, and thereby yourself, some unknown moment, and thence face reality together. I love how it is her eyes...because a certain pair some years ago well-nigh entranced me, though you may laugh, for he did NOT thank me, hahaha. This half reminded me of those eyes; I've paid tribute to the effect in a sonnet set and another rhyme, they were just too deliciously alive, though off limits. Hope in this case the speaker actually finds his deliverance and the finely chiseled goddess smiles sunnily and walks into forever with him. Thanks for sharing.


  • baj-a

    powerfully intriguing! the imagery is very vivid and as cheeky missy said potent. this could be the sequel to my poem Tripped 🙂

  • diamonddagger

    You have a very open mind. There is power is in this very beautiful piece of poetic prose. and like baj-a said it could be a sequel to her poem tripped. You should read it and see what she means.

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