There is a way out of this

There is a time where you will fall

There is a place you will get back up

There is a way

I was always told, “There is a way.” I was told this as if it were the most important thing in the world. I wasn’t told by my parents, I wasn’t told by teachers, friends or family. I was told, by myself. I was told there was a way out of the darkest of times, I told myself that the way out, was tomorrow. The way out is different for every person because they are told by different people or they have different things to avoid. I wanted to avoid a void that vicariously wandered around vacuuming a thriving vessel leaving it withered and dry. I didn’t want to wither away, I wanted to live and live and live. But as the void, I to vicariously live while watching others die. My fortune of life, a link to what I needed, wanted, had to have. Was now a burden, a burden that was a privilege that I couldn’t bear. I didn’t want it anymore, life was too much. I begged for days, kill me, kill me, kill me please. I never got an answer; I didn’t want to take it into my own hands for I was afraid what may lie ahead. Days past, they got darker, and then something sparked in my head. Something that sounded of a voice, not only a voice but in the darkness of my shut eyes I could see the words tomorrow, I could hear a voice whispering tomorrow. Whether it was from pure insanity or the lack of sleep, I believed it. Then next day the sun came up, flowers blossomed and the world was turning. Everything was fine, I look forward to tomorrow every day. Not staring into the future but, hoping that it will come again, knowing that is will, knowing that when it does whether it brings bad or good, there was a tomorrow.


  • diamonddagger

    This is a very nice story of coming of age and growing up. Finding yourself and living for tomorrow. Believing in yourself and not falling into the traps a lot of teens fall into of depression and feeling worthless and wanting to commit suicide because of the moment. I really enjoyed reading it. Good job!!!!

  • baj-a

    listen to that little voice that tells you there is always tomorrow :-). things may seem as if they will never get better but if you wait long enough the sun always shines again. good write.

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