Life is hard work,
To achieve something,
You got to work hard,
And that’s how you play,
Life’s cards..
Life is hard work.

You can’t play,
All day long.
After some time’s play,
You do something else,

 Like sing a song or paint or study!
Life is hard work.
And we must not be lazy,
For that will stop you from working hard,
And if there is no hard work,
Your life will be full of stops and jerks.
Life’s hard work,

Hard work will pay for sure,
If you keep working hard,
You will open the success door!

Life is hard work.
There has to be a mix

of play and work!
Or there won’t be any happiness,
And without happiness,

Life is not its worth.


  • baj-a

    excellent words! glad to see some people still understand everything shouldn't be handed to them but that they have to work for what they want and not just think that someone else who has worked hard to achieve their status in life should give them part of it because it isn't fair... lol! yeah it isn't fair you worked your butt off so now you owe me... love the poem!

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