Emotion about Possible Promotion

Promotion is a sure enjoyment and bliss, As you must do better jobs leaving the old, It may bring a steep hike in salary also, But, there are certain painful difficulties.

Your place of work may be changed, And that may be far away from home, You may have to totally shift family, Or you may have to face loneliness.

Due to children's education as one point, You may have to operate alone in life, Separation from kids and wife so dear, May make you lose totally mind's peace.

Food, language, people, and climate, May impose serious hurdles to hinder, Health may also get badly affected, Even depression may set in badly.

In the absence of robust health, We may be in a soup in the office, Our mood may be adversely tilted, We may think of the joyful past.

Promotion will add to responsibility, May expect more from us all involved, Overcoming the problems is impossible, As a result, we may start to sadly regret.

That is why, conducting an interview, By meeting friends who got promoted, May give us a better way to look at, This technique wil invariably win only.

We must develop friendship with good souls, Who may be interested fully in our welfare, They will never misguide or mislead surely, This way of deciding is truly the best of all.

After coming to a conclusion we are safe, As we have gone through every vital point, Mistakes are narrowed to zero level now. Our final step will surely bring happiness.

Scientific approach is a definite remedy, As that will give a clear picture to decide, If we have considered almost all the angles, We will take the best course of action only.



  • baj-a

    each vignette has a charm and lesson of it's own. very well said and expressed.

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