Robert Starkey





No sexual desire’s need not leathers

Distractions of day to day should, could be’s

Heavens flush its system for the weathers

Feeling as if there’s a moment to seize

As the conscious dulls the flat mountain tips

Wandering streets going where never been

Hurting the bottle to your lavished lips

Wrestling with cigarettes for the pin

Numb, dumb on rum till you’re stuck in the cup

Trying but no one takes you serious

Lost days has anyone yet found the pup?

Laugh like depression was hilarious

This is but a game until you’re out-played

Glued to the mask behind a masquerade


  • Cheeky Missy

    Aye, is this a sonnet? If I may dare to try to assert anything, seems we'd all be best off adhering to the original standard of iambic pentameter. That aside, it is indeed sad, the mask so many realize we are essentially forced to wear for society's sake, more the pity when we can not even take it off at home. Haunting and thought-provoking with excellent imagery, it is rather heart-wrenching and subtly hard-hitting, beautifully rendered in poignancy. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.


    • nair36

      I appreciate all complements and comments Jenny. And yes it's a sonnet I just stick to ABABCC. This is one of the poems I entered in Poetry Foundation that they passed on. It's fine though I have a few more up my sleeve.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Oh, you're too welcome, if my assessments are worth anything. Ah, well, I do look forward to reading the others up your sleeve. But what is this about your rather odd rhyme scheme? Don't tell me your college profs not only shrank the crown standard down to half its size, but they also tossed the illegitimate Shakespearian standard of ababcdcdefefgg? I shall have to keep track of what's posted lest I miss anything. Thanks! Say, give me more details about this poetry foundation...maybe I'll find gumption to enter some of my concoctions.


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      • baj-a

        awesomely intriguing images that haunt the reader! If I had to pick a favorite line it would be this one...

        Heavens flush its system for the weathers

        I found that line particularly intriguing.

      • diamonddagger

        beautiful in it wistful sadness. I think you did pretty good on the sonnet.

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