Witch Hunters

the hunters of the witch went on
for many, many years
they hunted and they tortured
innocent and the guilty alike
no magic must be performed
it’s too dangerous, they say
anything is scary that we don’t understand
and magic is an art that could get out of hand
but it exists
and it is real
this we cannot change
they tried to rid the world of all the magic in it
all the pixies
all the fairies
a myth. fairy tales in the hills and dales
behind veils and walls in the halls and witches in shawls
roaming the cities and towns at night with their wands they cause a fright
out of innocence and fear they hide their charms they wish no harms
some are young, some are old, some crave blood, some crave gold
some just want to live in peace and end the fear and make it cease


  • baj-a

    the sad thing is we will always distrust and fear what we don't understand and often the recourse we will take is the destruction of those who make us question our own beliefs. well done!

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