Love is a gift, handle with care

It multiplies, the more you share

It makes you strong while feeling weak

It takes control, the more you seek

It leaves you blind, and deaf and scared

It takes your life and shreds it bared

It pulls you down til' you eat dirt

It beats your heart until it hurts

It makes you crawl down on your knees

It makes you call out while you sleep

It owns your heart, soul and desire

It sometimes turns you into a liar


Then like magic it is gone

It is the calm before the storm

You'll look at love and you will find

That was not Love inside your eyes


Real Love feels good, it makes you strong

You miss his touch, when you are alone

Love makes you sing, it makes you brave

It gives you power, keeps you sane

It grows and grows, each day, each year

While you're apart or when you're near

Love really feeds upon itself

It feels like Heaven upon this earth


  • baj-a

    wise words my friend! and well said!

    • sokibgb

      Experience is the world's best teacher, regardless of the price you have to pay. Have a great and happy day, soki

    • colin

      Beautifully said

      • sokibgb

        Hello colin. welcome back. I have missed you and your poems. I hope everthing is ok. I am glad to hear from you. Thank you for reading and commenting. Take care, soki

        • colin

          Thankyou Soki Ive missed you & your poems as well your poems always reach deep into my heart & soul

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