My friend the spider,

He is a hitch hiker,

Landed on my ute,

When I took the Millmerran route,

It's no lie,

A web full of flie's,

Each day we go for a drive,

His web blows away into the sky,

Holding on so tight,

He hangs on with all his might,

I see the relief in his eye's,

When we finish our drive,

Must enjoy the ride,

Because he rebuilds his life,

A new web to catch flie's,

Will he build it stronger tonight,

So it doesn't blow away into the sky,

On our next drive.

Colin Bradley.


  • sokibgb

    colin, you are brave, Spiders scare me to death. Good write, soki

    • colin

      LOL Im scared of spiders as well though for some reason I let this spider stay on my ute

      • sokibgb

        Would you mind telling me what ia ute?

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