I Saw the Reaper


I Saw the Reaper

close to death
I see myself
arising like a bread
bloated blue
floundering, too
not knowing what to do
so dizzy, so weak
there's nothing I seek
but the reaper
and his scythe
I won't say good-bye
I fight the end off
soft lies the pain
part of me of is in the grave
the other half fights very brave
I hear them whisper
I hear them joke
the needles poke my skin
I win, I live
I see Spring again
I do not fear what lies ahead
someday upon my own death bed


  • baj-a

    well expressed and quite profound in your realization that you do not fear what you have already faced and came out the winner. well done!

  • sokibgb

    Hello Diamond, Very profound poem. I almost lost my life a few years ago so I can relate to you very well I also f ound that after my experience I no longer fear the end of this life. Hope you are feeling better, soki

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