I feel strong

Everybody's thinkin' he wont ever succeed

They think I'm nothing more than a worthless seed

But I know the back of these ropes

I know what gives me hope

Stareing at the fire watchin' all the smoke

Float away

Seems that everyone's leavein' me

Turnin' there backs as if they dont see


I know I will stay strong

Showin' them that they are wrong

I know I can keep my head up because

I feel strong

I am what I'm made of

I feel strong

I dont need anyone

I feel strong

Walking down this road a backpack full of stress

Nothin' to lose nothin' to gain

But god I still feel blessed

I aint gunna show any signs of regret

They set me on this path

So I messed around found the exit

Now im majoring in books of math

Even with nobody I know I gotta

Keep my head up

Because then i can see everything and

I feel strong

With nobody

I feel strong

Yeah I feel strong

Yeah I dont need nobody

I dont need nobody

I dont need nobody

Everthying seems clearer

But then it all starts to crumble around me

I've got to hold all this up now

While looking into a mirror

Gotta see myself to know who I really am

But now it all seems wrong

It all seems wrong

With nobody

Now it all seems wrong

I think I need somebody

I think I need somebody

To be holding onto me

I think I need somebody

Someone get some surgeons

Make them take this heart out of me


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