My city is  large,
My city is spacious,
People say,
My city is gorgeous
My city has a lot of parks,
Where you can have a lot of fun,
My city has a lot of restaurants,
Where you can have a grand meal, or a simple bun.
My city has big roads,
And it is making inroads,

In the field of science and technology
The people keep moving in and out,
There is a lot about the city that you can learn about.
  The city which looks so connected,
 But the people are divided,
Everyone’s so selfish, for their greed,
If a person is hurt, he’s never aided.
The pollution level is very high,
Because of the chimneys that touch the sky,
The city which was once so green,
Is now not so clean.
 People should take steps to clean,
Our city which was once so green,
So that my city, so large and spacious,
Becomes truly gracious.


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