simplicity as a way

i want to kill you my fear,
but first let me keep you my friend dear,
let me give my mind this prayer,
so that love and compassion i can share.

they ask me what is your dream,
i respond to be happy in ice-cream,
they may laught that what's seem,
but oneday i'll arrive to end this game.

this is my town to be simple,
and for that i'll create my own temple,
so let me create my own example,
and focus on the land of great people.

oneday we all will die,
but first we have to find the key,
the way is not to yourself lie,
so that nothing you will pay.


  • mvvenkataraman

    My dearest poet, I beg your pardon
    As in many places lie sheer confusion
    Please forgive me for this comment
    As I am your true well-wisher dear

    Rhyme is not needed for poetry at all
    But, to some extent, grammar is a must
    I humbly ask you to follow grammar rules
    So that you poem will glitter like gold

    You possess enough vocabulary surely
    But, just a better arrangement is needed
    Hope you will take my words sportively
    May God bless you to write ever better.


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