Nicole Alexander

Nature's Angry Evening

evening avails too soon after last night's bedlam

who desires this cloak of eve's iniquity anew

heat not yet broken and humidity sweltering again 

last eve it relinquished the savage from the sky
many were annihilated and masses were mangled

once again it rages with an indefensible onslaught
tints of nauseous green and yellow illuminate the clouds

black generates it's prominence to terrorize the stouthearted
the rumble is over head as we barrel for quick shelter

is there such a refuge to shield us from this monstrosity
sounds of a train and pounding hail with forceful rain

beat us as we grip tight against the ferocious wind pulling at our backs
screams of anguish and terror is heard all around us

nature does not minister to us as it forges its way through
those that are left unscathed are in shock and complete chaos 

others covered in debris are screaming and trying to dig out of their tomb 
neighbors agonize for morning to arrive in a hustle

as they help others they beseech and pray

for the evening to disappear and never return

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