Who is lost?

One can only sense the effort of life

When belonging takes place

The coming and going from nature,

Is the one we hold to feel


Why should we prepare to stay?

Where we are not wanted

You can only belong

When you feel you do


That can only be archived

If it’s wanted

By the desire

Enveloping our being


When you are out of place

You change those around

Change comes with the price

Of never belonging there


No matter how hard you try

The ultimate meaning

Is that there is none

That human reason can overcome


Death is not an absolution

There is non

There is no judgment

Except one has made


Riddles do not dwell

With lost dreams

What is the truth?

Of all the broken


Of a broken spirit

That is too coward

To make a step in life

And rather face death


When either is going


… lost, alone and despicable

Never wanted from within

Just desired from without

Lust over soul

Violence over tenderness

Fear over understanding

Death over live

Emptiness over love.





  • Soumita Sarkar

    Good read............

    • Dolphine29

      Thank you , though for me this is just a very bad bad day... but I do thank you for your kindness.

      • Soumita Sarkar

        Lift your spirit beyond all day is bad....our attitude we feel low.Thanks.

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