Soumita Sarkar


Love resounds in many REFLECTIONS

its devotional evolution surpasses

multiple layers of MEANING

beyond mortal understanding


Love is a desire to CREATE

a firm BELIEF to invent

the presence of GOODNESS

in every bit of liveliness


Love lies in consciously FORGETTING

the wrongs and planting POSITIVE record

trying to FORGIVE  the old enemy

be brave, don’t hate, it is easy


Love is another name of ACCEPTANCE

individual differences make us UNIQUE

none of us are embodiment of merit

a composed COMPROMISE will breed credit


Love is the power that sustains LIFE

a flower, a bird, a stream and a dream

make HONESTY speak through HUMANITY

shun ego breathe COMMITMEMT and PURITY



  • Dolphine29

    Very beautiful poem!!!! And so true. :)

  • Soumita Sarkar

    Thanks Dolphine..........I know love is truly realised in many layers.....keep reading my poems.

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