Soumita Sarkar

Elemental poetry

Who said it’s enormously easy

to write an eloquent poetry?


Engaging consistency with concentration

Passion and patience in right proportion

Rhyme and rhythm coupled in imagination

Creative ingredients to its level optimum

Adorns the petals of a memorable poem


I’m not a renowned writer.

Nor a poet of great repute,

still I prefer to share

few lines of a latent truth.

The dilemma of a poet

pervades every creator’s corner

What to write?

How to write?

What are the questions?

How to be answered?

Should I borrow an idea?

Should I twist an existing specimen?

Can I go lenient on the lineage?

Can I compromise with a league?


Beware of old thought’s repetition

Be sensitive seek not sensation

Touch new heights of continuation

Recognize the twang of variation

This will garner wide reputation

With an inactive part’s valediction


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