Go unto the sun, find us wealth again

Night is coming return back home

Retun to the holy sun, do not leave us blaine 

Confined him, go on alone!

Like a child you're weak and innocent 

Unable to deny, not able to understand what they ment

This grudge has destroyed you.

You are now out of controle 

And i am unable to forgive because i can never forget

What has been done to me

Go unto the sun

choose to flee or amend 

return back to me when you learned to speak to me

Don't look down

Let me see where this pain goes

Or choose to let this go

But you are unable to forgive or forget whats happened here

Leave me alone i can barely look at you

The times between us have changed

You are no longer someone!

Confined me!

Controle me!

Make me no one!


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