Soumita Sarkar

Is she my mother?

I am alone, a star fallen

kicked from the God’s abode

with pity called an orphan

call of dreams are my hoard.


I too want to gather

the buds and fruits

from the orchard

called school.


I too want to learn

the lessons fair and true

from the glossy pages

of a sacred book.


I too want to be alive

under a roof

with walls of love and life

in a family


I too want rise

with strong wings of will

to assert myself

to get a rank

in the society.

I was born to a mother

who did not much bother

she left me to my fate

that played a brute till date

a part, she must have cut

that pains, longs and hurts.



  • mvvenkataraman

    A bad mother is an absolute exception
    Normally all mothers are holy Angels
    That deserting mother is an anomaly
    Very sad to know about a bad mother

    But, that mother has created a poem
    Through that deserted baby by her
    Superb one with rhyme and rhythm
    She has given to the world a sage.


    • Soumita Sarkar

      Thanks for your words............but can we deny the fact that such mothers do exist.........otherwise why do we have orphans at all....???tc

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