Cali Kittana


If you saw my tears,
How would you react?
If you read my mind,
How would your thoughts change?
If you could only see my life,
I bet you'd wish to look away.
If you saw how I was treated,
Would you protect me even more?
If you lived one day in my shoes,
You would wonder how I do it.
If you saw how I live,
I bet you'd stay with me.
If only you knew my life,
Maybe you'd always be by me.
If only they knew,
How much I love you.
If only they knew my life story,
They wouldn't pick on me.
If only you could see me on the inside and not the out,
I bet you'd love the person you saw,
Or maybe you'd just see how sad of a human I really am.
If you could only know who I am,
You would be surprised how I can stay so strong.
If only you could know,
Maybe you would try to learn how I am the way I am.
You might fall in love with the emotional piece of work I really am.
Or maybe you would just run off in the other directiong thinking I'm too much.


  • Jalso

    Very nice, beautiful, sad. i love it. keep it up. this is great.

    • Cali Kittana

      Thank you! I have some more like this written down and once I find the little notebook, I will post them!~ I'm glad to know that you like this one, I have a feeling you'll like my other ones once I get them posted on here!~♥

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