Your Understanding


I think imaginary, nothing is real.

The gruesome imagery, wont come true.

The things I descride,

I will never do.

I am made of imagery,

imaginary scenerios.

I. Wont. Kill. You.

I didnt mean to scare you.

You left question I wanted answered,

in my head.

So many i need answers but, cant express.

I think imaginary, nothing is real.

Gruesome imagery comes from anger.

But I am not a psycho.

Do not think I am a maniac, nothings real.

I Sit inside my room with these images in my head,

images of the site of them lying.

Surrounded by an unmistakable understanding.

An understanding that I know too well.

I am delighted by this new found image.

An image of the site of where you're lying.

Surrounded by an understanding.

An understanding that you know too well.

sweating, screaming with a look in your eye.

sweating screaming with a delighted look on my face like.





But these images keep slithering through my head,

Images of the site of them lying with a new understanding.

An understand that you will know so well.

I see them bleeding and screaming with a look in their eyes.

Bleeding and scream, the delight on your face on face like.

But this vision and the rhythm  in my head... The images of the site of the crime.

I cant wipe away this knew understanding.

The understanding of the crimes I have commited oh so well.

I can see the sweat and gleam in your eye.

The sweat and delight on your face.

Oh this image of your surrender,

a surrender that I know so well.

Now these images are flowing through my head.

tugging to a rhythm to an image of the site of you lying.

Thinking with this new understanding.

An understanding you should know by now.

The sweat and and gleam of your eye light.

sweat and gleam of delight.


  • Author: Jalso (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 7th, 2013 05:06
  • Comment from author about the poem: Ok, for this one, I would really like some feedback on what you think it is about and what it MEANS TO YOU. So please leave a comment and check out my other stuff too. I also didn\'t know what to classify this as so if you guys could help me with that that would be great. THANK YOU FOR READING!!
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