Cali Kittana

No Matter What

Are you only here for attention?
Do you really get mad at me for that?
Something that is my whole world means nothing to you.
I feel like you don't mean to anger me,
But that it is first nature to you.
I feel like you're testing my trust,
To see if I will ever leave you.
Well, here's the truth.
I would never leave you,
No matter the pain you put me through.
I will always trust you,
No matter the due.
I may get angry by your words,
But, we're both just awkward.
I don't care what others think,
I will never leave you in the brink.
I never thought of how angry I'd get,
But you would probably leave a bet.
No matter what the cost,
I will never leave you in the frost.

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