Elephants are big,
Elephants are huge,
Under the body of the elephants,
People can take refuge,
Elephants are wise,
Elephants are clever,
Elephants can lift things,
That we humans could never.
Elephants have huge ears,
Which help them hear everything,
From the insects down below them,
To the birds above them, which sing.
Elephants are strong,
Can pull down big trees,
An angry elephant on its way,
Can pull down anything it sees.
But it keeps its calm.
And goes along its way,
The wise elephant,
Not stopping a moment,
Not even to pant.

But we humans,
Are destroying their habitat,
And soon they will be extinct,
And we’ll see no elephants, so fat.
So it is time we save them,
The beautiful creatures,
With the long trunks,
And other magnificent features.


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