My Soul and God's Role

God alone must come to rescue

As I totally depend upon Him

He must safegurad my life

He alone has the power to do

When evils play a bad role

I resort only to Him to save

As I am His child ever praying

To make Him know my state

By showering upon me love

He must do the needful

And I fervently request Him

To turn matters in my favor

As I am honest and sincere

I love all the beings always

And I help the poor and needy

I love all the creatures nobly

Shwoing mercy and affinity

I am sure that God is there

To note down my good nature

He will at the right time arrive

And make me a happy man

Till His arrival, I will be truthful

Helping the whole World finely

By knowing my noble stand

God will bestow benedictions

Upon me making me joyful

Let me ever pray and work

The result will be positive

As God'f presence is sure.



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