Unsure Travels


Scattered tree's remains
frame the path from whence they came,
dampened in atmospheric drippings,
guiding the lonesome to shame.

It's earthen skin moans,
bears cracks in it's bones,
weary cries gone silent,
but it's strength overgrown.

Desperate clawing, helplessly,
yearning hopelessly in need,
taking ease in all it's sense,
all fall short of it's immensity.

On their feet they enfold,
to reconcile what we undertook,
endeavor inadequate, uncontrolled,
for all it's toil, gains only rook.

Dulled are it's eyes
where they once had glow,
pathetic manifestations unfold
where it's reflection once resided.

And smoke swirls in the cavity
where the flames once warmed,
replaced by fiery, stinging swarms
causing turmoil in it's depravity.

Wounds young and sweltry,
sustains the bleeding,
no vestige of remedy,
enduring the insurpassable.

Like a mangled, broken ship at sea
into terrorizing waves of atrophy
embracing water, drowning,
sinking, it helplessly flounders.

Never ceasing,
waves increasing
breath releasing,
mind's eye teasing.

Waters rise,
whispered cries,
painfully asphyxiating

It lets go, floats towards the coursing,
waving, crashing surface,
aching for air.

Choppy waters, throwing,
forcing to and fro,
it fiercely presses on
and hears the thunder.

It's closer, it knows it...
it's so close...

  • Author: kylierenea (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 29th, 2015 07:22
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 28

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