Nero Banz


Blind being unable to see.

But is it just limited to sight?

I believe we are all blind.

We are all like mice running through a maze.

This maze being life and the end being death.

Never in my life was I ever sure of what I wanted to be.

I bumped into dead ends and wrong paths along the way.

I never could see which was the right way.

I just keep going.


I don’t know where I’m going.

Life isn’t about certainty.

It’s about finding your own way.

Your parents could lead to the path of riches.

But you will stray away if that was not what you truly wanted.

I like the blindness.

Life is mystery you just never where you will be.

Would you enjoy life more if you knew that you would be that lawyer?

A doctor?

A business owner?

We don’t know where we will be, that’s  why we work so hard.

If you knew do you think you would still be working hard?

The best kinds of gifts are the ones you don’t expect.

Being lost in life is never a sign to give up.

You just haven’t found your way yet.

If what you want is right in front of you.

Sometimes you have to close your eyes and walk straight.

Often you will get where you wanted.

Same thing with life.

We walk willingly into the unknown to get where we wanted in life.

Like being blind.


  • JasmineRay

    I love it 💖

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