Hear nothing and feel more

Nero Banz


It’s hard for me to bring myself to say that word.


I been treated like a bowel movement of a dog but I had never felt used.


For women it’s synonymous with that feeling of regret and sadness.

Cause you know deep inside he’s not going to call you back.

You gave him the temple and he just took it and ran.

Ran, he just ran.

Off the feeling of ecstasy, you feel like a queen.

The queen to a deck of cards and of all cards he drew you.

All of the girls he picked you.

Words like sugar and so charming.

You figured he wouldn’t do that to you.

But he did.

After feeling so high.

You crash with speed that the gods themselves can see the streaks of your descent.

A storm of feelings brew inside you.

Several words spin around you.

Why, How, he.

He’s not like that.

Actions speak louder than words.

If I tell you I love you does really mean I love you.

No it doesn’t.

I would never have to tell someone I love you.

Because my actions alone would show that.

Never listen to the nonsense of sex deprived man.

His words in tend to seduce you but never to make you feel loved.

The attention he’s giving you is only for his own sexual benefit.

Attention can be like a drug it’s addictive.

After being ignored for a long time.

You finally get the attention you seek.

But the negative attention.

Watch for these men.

They will take your shame, sadness, and love.

And they will wear as a badge to show off to their friends.

Know your worth more than that.

Do not let words sway you into making a decision.

That will scar you for a lifetime.

You are an angel destined to fly.

Never let a man clip your wings.

  • Author: Ner0$ (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 3rd, 2015 10:50
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • melisa alpizar

    oh sh*t that was deep like really it was poem thats made me think a lot before i do something like really this is amazing,outstanding beyond great i admire this

    • Nero Banz

      That's a good thing. I just want people think. Im not trying to tell people how live their life. Hell I do a lot dumb things.I just want encourage at least thinking before doing something.

      • melisa alpizar

        yes agreed many people should cherish life a bit more in my opinion, theres so much out there to look forward to not everything is so bad as it seems to be

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