Flowers and Weeds


Your mind is a garden
Sometimes, you grow flowers in your garden
Other times, weeds grow and flourish
More often then not, we can't control the weeds
And all of our flowers die.
Sometimes, we only grow weeds.

Your heart is explosive.
Sometimes you ignite the world,
other times the fire is doused.
More often than not we can not control the fire,
and all of our embers die,
sometimes, we can only smoulder.

Your soul is a river
Sometimes you overflow love
Other times, a dried bed exposes a rocky path
More often than not, we can't control the flow
And our thirst leaves us to die
Sometimes, we never run wild again

Your spirit is the wind
Sometimes caressing your love
Other times we're eroding their soul
More often then not, we can't control the spirit
And all our hearts left dying
Sometimes we can only rot

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