There's not a day that your not on my mind, People ask if I'm okay and I'll tell them "I'm Fine!"

I sit in the darkness wondering where I went wrong. For the shortest day of the year, it lasted too long!

I see you in my dreams and I see you at work. Now that I see you with him, I feel my heart start to hurt!

My body feels lifeless in a casket inside a hearse. I can't be your second choice, when you are my first.

I tried doing everything to try and get through, but every time I sleep, I'm thinking of you!

I spend the night drinking to erase all the pain. Without you in my life, there are no sunny skies, only rain.

I wear sleeved shirts so the people don't see the scars for each person who hurt me.

I lay on my bed facing the springs and looking back at me was a diamond ring.

I was ready to settle down and start a family, but you wanted to date other and live freely.

My heart is strong but also week, what was used for love is now used for feet.

This story I tell is not a fable, it man's journey to become unbreakable.

A man who refuses to give up, even when he's out of luck.

I'm not a dead beat loser whose used and soft spoken, I'm a Gentleman who will remain unbroken.

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