My love...

It was the first day of college

and it seemed like I was so foreign in this place

everyone had their friends and besties

and i was left trying to hide my face.

I pretended to be on my phone 

like I actually had a busy life

but I was wishing that I was back at home

instead of having the worst time.

I saw the girl across the gym

and we seemed to be rocking in the same boat

so I asked if she wanted to leave with me to go back to the dorm

and from that point on we got even more close.

We were not roommates or anything

she was actually a complete stranger,

but she was a unique girl that became my friend

and soon became the one that makes me feel safer.

Stuff went down  with her roomate

so into my door she came

little did we know that two weeks later

my life would all go different and change.

She saw me as more than a friend

and I was so confused didn't know what to do

so I gave her a chance at love

and now all I can tell her is "I love you".

and I will every day after today

because she means the world to me

I can't wait for the day when I can finally say "I do"

because I want her to be my Ever after happily.

I want her to be the mother of my children

and my wife till death do us apart

because every second that I have spent with her

have made her closer to my heart.

Which she has stolen from me since day 1

and now she has became my A1

because noone can ever replace

because she is the best that I have gained

and now I want to show her off like in a showcase

because when I stare at her she has me in this haze

where all I see is perfectness

and she became my queen, highness

where not only is she the finest

but the the bestest.

She is my future and my love

She is like the angel that has landed from above.... <3




  • Ken

    Everything happens for a reason. Your poem speaks volumes loud and clear in a world so judgemental. You are an inspiration. Be true to yourself. Job well done.

    • De-nyce_A

      Thank you. Sometimes I still can not believe that our love was sparked from day 1. Thank you. It is hard because this relationship is different thatn my others relations but I am actually happy. I will continue. Thank you for your feedback!

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