One Day Soon

One day soon,

As the time draws near,

Decisions will be made

Leaving nothing to fear.


A secret well kept,

A mystery to reveal.

A soul that once wept,

Nothing left to conceal.


One day soon,

A new light will shine bright.

No one to stop it

No matter the fight.


A darkness will fall

Upon those left in the wake.

The body will quiver,

Shiver, tremble and shake.


One day soon,

No words you can say

Will stop the events

Already underway.


The mind feeling lost

As confusion sets in.

Unanswered questions

Are certain to begin.


One day soon,

When feeling so bold,

Reality awakens

And fond memories take hold.


Trouble yourself not

Over this endeavor.

No answers will be found.

No matter how clever.


One day soon,

As the time draws near,

Decisions have been made.

There is nothing left to fear.


  • clareb

    It is a beautiful poem with a message of acceptance. Sometimes coming to terms with losing those you love is hard; you miss them especially at that dark hour of the night. I hope your poetry helps you find peace

    • Ken

      Thank you. It is difficult and a challenge indeed but one day at a time, right?

    • Rooster

      Soulful poetic words. The emotions pour out through your verse. Be Well

      • Ken

        Thank you. The soul has a voice and must be heard. Especially when the heart is broken.

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