Life's Game

The countdown in motion.

Life's clock slowly ticking.

Time passes us by

With each second's clicking.


One chance at life,

Is all that we're given.

A cruel game indeed

Locked away in this prison.


Dreams, hope, and love

Are just an illusion.

Take one away,

There will be mass confusion.


Advice and opinions

Intended as caring

Can be somewhat insensitive,

Words not even worth sharing.


Hearts filled with anger

Over one's own opinion

Lack in understanding.

Your life now their dominion.


No way out.

No escape in sight.

Options are limited

For those willing to fight.


A secret soon shared

Will alter this course.

It can not be swayed

No matter the source.


The soul of this man

Will remain out of sight.

For a shadow can't cast

In the dark of the night.


All dreams are crushed.

All hopes diminished.

Love is lost.

Life's game, now finished.


  • Blvck

    I'm guessing the game of life is death while living. Everyone comes into life the same way but how you play the game will determine how you go out? Is that what you were hinting at?

    • Ken

      You are the first to have ever picked up on the underlying message. Indeed, you are correct.

    • clareb

      That last stanza so very final; what are any of us but the sum of our experiences? When we think we have lost our essence; our value then the game is indeed over. I too have friend struggling at the moment and it is not an easy experience to feel powerless to help

      • Ken

        Powerless indeed. Puts one's life in full prospective. A reality check, if you will.

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