Modern consumer

The fear of living in this world scares me like a little girl

Real monsters out there with too much power could wipe us out within the hour

Too scared now to face the world too scared to leave the house

We are shut inside our little boxes like a laboratory mouse

We buy everything through a computer screen

Converse through bit's of glass

Tapping away the zombie way with our eyes downcast

We have little patience anymore we want things quick and speedy

From films and food and furniture wolf it down we're all so greedy

Consuming more than we need recycling less than we should

Buying more crap to fill the gap for the greater good

We don't need all this stuff to live it's just a false distraction

You're being played by medicine men We need a plan of action!

So turn off your phone meet eye to eye and do some social interaction


  • Ken

    Yep. You nailed it!

  • Yorke


  • De-nyce_A

    *Snaps fingers * let the world know this.

  • johnofessex

    thanks for the kind comments good or bad I welcome them all

  • clareb

    An honest commentary on modern life - my kids text me from their rooms to ask what's for dinner and I confess I'm online more often that perhaps I should be ... Enjoyed this thank you

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