I had a dream last night. no big revelation there I'm sure, most of us had some type of dream last night, whether we remembered it or not. The reason I feel compelled to share is this; I'm not entirely sure I ever woke up!

It seems that I am in the waking world with all it sights, sounds, and smells, but there is this awful itch in the back of my mind that some how seems to void the reality of the world around me.

Now truthfully, in the haze of early morning waking I have wantonly slipped back into the comfort of a dream state, but there too, this is not that feeling either. No, no the more I think on it the more I am sure. I am not awake! and even if so, then the greater part of my soul is still locked in the reality of my dream state. I am not overly fearful of this, as I have never fully cared for the world-at-large, but I do find it all a bit puzzling to say the least.

  So to this end I must ask a favor of you whom I might this day meet. When our paths cross, if you would, please look closely and deeply into my eyes... and If soulless my gaze does seem...


cause I'm a fucking Zombie dude!


  • Ken

    LMAO!!! LOVE IT! I was reading all serious like and then... boom! You got me! Have a great holiday.

  • Rooster

    thank you. This poem did (does) have a more deeply emotional, esoterical ending to it. Friend and family berate me from time to time for the melancholy nature of my the twist was a tease at them.

  • johnofessex

    love the twist ending

  • clareb

    Love the ending

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