I walked a path of madness
I let fear grow in my heart
My mind was filled with torment
And it split my soul apart

A million pieces scattered
Each one like a tiny knife
Carving up my spirit
Leaving it bereft of life

I looked out upon my world
With eyes of ice and stone
Rejecting my humanity
To sit on a devil throne

Enslaved by thoughts of darkness
Seduced by their seeming charm
My gifts were pain and heartbreak
But I believed I did no harm

Each act of self destruction
A link in my chain of hate
Dragging me to deepest hell
And yet I embraced my fate

What is it that they tell us
None so blind as will not see
Imprisoned in all my despair
Still thinking that I was free

But one day came the answer
To a sad unspoken plea
You were standing at my door
And in your heart was the key

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