Carnal Lust

As I see you laying there

Naked on the bed

Visions of my carnal lust

Begin to fill my head


The beauty of your body

The softness of your skin

Anticipation heightens

My desire to be within


You motion me to join you

That "Come hither" look upon your face

You throw your arms around me

Pulling me into your warm embrace


Our breathing becomes rapid

The aroma of sex within the air

Your eyes begin to glass over

As my fingers run through your hair


Our hearts beating faster

Your legs now open wide

Yearning for my manhood

To fill you deep inside


Gently kissing your soft lips

You are my one desire

Entangled are our bodies

Burning like a lustful fire


In the throws of passion

Our bodies begin to sweat

Reaching between your legs now

You are so very wet


Our minds filled with carnal lust

Our desires becoming hotter

As I slip deep inside



"Mom, can I have a glass of water!"


  • johnofessex

    Good fun Ken!

  • Rooster

    So true. good one.

  • clareb

    Kids - the sex police lol. Enjoyed it and the humour 🙂

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