Lines and Angles



Its the society, I say to myself
It definitely is the society, I repeat to myself
It definitely must be the society, I stand to be corrected
Why else, Oh why the hell else
Is there an embargo on swearing for instance
A stress on dress sense for example, or cringing when there is reeling with laughter... You know with a really high pitch

There are lines which must not be crossed unbidden, I'm told, sometimes clearly, sometimes not,
Even so, at other times, I have learnt undoubtedly-
That the pain of the outcome of stepping over the divide-
Will be seared, burnt in, carved with an indelible singe
That precedes the choking, with burning tearing eyes and a recoil only rivalled by the reptilian species

You learn almost daily how to draw the line, where to draw the line..
That you need to draw a line
Ok grab your pen, let tip touch paper
5 degrees to the west, skew it a little to the right and bend it a little northward...
Connect with angles
Arrgh... It looks silly...
Feels silly ...
Doesnt feel right
Ok... Rub it off..
Start again...
Try it another way

Pick your Starting point
Call it North
Advance Southward... Find the centre of your line
Draw a horizontal line westward, back to the centre, another horizontal line east ward
Join one point to the next with a smooth arc on the outside

Apply two well spaced dots in the upper quadrants
Don't forget to insert an upturned arc centrally in the lower half
Now throw away all caution
Proceed to delete all lines
You've got a smiling face

Shift, change the angle
Lean in
Inhale deeply
Let the scent pervade your senses
Inch closer
Improve angle by slightly lifting chin
Further improve angle by dipping head to meet upturned face

Allow Lips to merge briefly
Change lip angle
By slightly relaxing lower jaw
Close eyes? Maybe Maybe not
Deepen contact, taste, tease, revel
Perfect angle by placing arms on small of back
Reciprocate angle perfection by raising arms to either side of neck...
Feel free to mess up hair...
Or better still improve angle by leg lifting...

Haha Stop...what was the topic again...
Oh right -
Lines and Angles😘
Make Love not War
As they say...

By Jemina
0230hrs 6/12/15
Devon UK

  • Author: jemina (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 21st, 2015 18:29
  • Category: Humor
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  • Ken

    Love it. Great work. 🙂

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