Push, push, push. Pull, pull, PULL!!
Stand up! Stay standing and move.
Listen, but be careful.
Connect. Make a new connection....any new connection.
Small steps, remember, small, tiny steps.
Focus. Write a mantra. Read and memorize the mantra. Go there when not in prayer.
Forward, inch by inch, always forward. The mantra is forward, prayer is forward. They are both action.
You will NOT give in.
It wants you to fail.
It wants you to fold.
It wants to annihilate your very existence and cause great pain to those around you.
It revels in your disparity and sadness.
It's desire is to weaken you.
It's greatest strength is making you believe that you are powerless against it.
It prays on the weak of mind and spirit but it dances for joy when it conquers the beautiful and beloved.
It never stops! It has nothing but time and a track record of proven success.
Drugs can put it on a leash or provide a muzzle, yet just like a family pet, it continues to walk beside you.
Therapy? Who knows. It just brings the bastard to the forefront and makes it the star of the show. Maybe you find out why it knocked on your door to begin with, but all the time it's really just making you jump through hoops you wouldn't be jumping through otherwise.
Better, IMO, to declare war! Ready yourself for the incessant battle ahead and make a plan of ATTACK.
By recognizing it as an enemy and not an affliction you have already taken the upper hand. Get pissed off and stay pissed off but remember who the enemy is.
It wants you to take it out on your friends and family and society, but this is a private matter.
You ARE what you believe and I have decided that I am a winner.
I AM a child of God.
It cannot defeat me.


  • Ken

    The pain is very real. The journey is a lonely one. To own it... a very heavy responsibility indeed. I hear you loud and clear. Peace be with you.

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