The Phoenix and the Foes

I am on an uprising
But with you there is no compromising
I am the Phoenix 
And you are my foes
The cause of all my woes
The reason why my day blows

I rise to be taken down
From frown to smile 
And from smile to frown
I can't even reach a mile
You are the reason for my name 
You are to blame

I leave in a blaze just to
Rise from my ashes
Everytime you tear me down 
I pick up my frown 
Emerge from the blackness
I am a blessed mess

I am stronger
With my life span to be longer
You are my strength 
One day a life of full length 
I shall live
And that day I will have 0 fucks to give 



  • Ken

    Love it.

  • Makala_Jackson22

    I love this poem.

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